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Refreshed Webpage Focuses on Financial Well-being

Refreshed Webpage Focuses on Financial Well-being

Essential to the BillGO business model is our commitment to helping improve the financial well-being of all consumers. 

This won’t come as news to regular readers of On the GO. We consistently cover topics aimed at helping consumers and promoting financial literacy. In recent months, we’ve alerted readers to a plague of questionable fees and penalties that routinely show up on financial statements. We've looked at current spikes in inflation and check fraud while providing tips to consumers so they can protect themselves. We’ve also examined the bill-paying challenges unique to women as well as U.S. veterans.    

BillGO’s new consumer-resource page provides important educational information, such as how fintechs fight for financial inclusivity and how credit scores can impact financial wellness for consumers.

It’s in that same spirit that BillGO relaunched its consumer-focused webpage today transforming it into a resource to educate and empower consumers.   

“Yes, we build great products,” the page announces, “but we don’t stop there. We also work to improve the financial lives of everyday Americans.”

Needless to say, no one likes paying bills, which is why BillGO works with banks and fintechs across the country to make the chore of paying bills easier and more efficient. Doing so helps everyone take a step closer to financial well-being.

The two missions — building ground-breaking bill pay technology and helping improve the financial lives of Americans — go hand-in-hand. After all, Americans pay nearly 15.5 billion bills and subscriptions each year and 64 percent of us (we pay bills too), across all income brackets, live paycheck to paycheck. 

BillGO’s Consumer Page Delivers

One way we make it easier for consumers to stay ahead of their bills is by inviting them to download BillGO’s Prism, which enables them to manage all their bills using a single app.

Meanwhile, for those consumers that may have fallen behind on their financial obligations, we introduced the Bill Pay Relief Hub, an award-winning website listing hundreds of businesses and financial institutions across the country that offer payment relief or payment options. 

Both Prism and the Relief Hub are featured on the new webpage. Additionally, the page features other examples of BillGO’s commitment to consumers, including: 

  • An overview of BillGO executives who serve in key roles with FDATA, NACHA, FDX, FedNow, the Financial Data Exchange and the Business Payments Coalition 
  • Links documenting BillGO’s commitment to open banking, and our commitment to operating in accordance with the CFPB
  • BillGO's collaboration with accessibility specialist My Blind Spot to ensure our products meet ADA compliance requirements
  • BillGO's support of Grow Credit, a startup dedicated to helping millions of Americans build credit

BillGO’s new consumer-resource page also provides important educational information including a look at how fintechs such as BillGO fight for financial inclusivity and an examination of how credit scores can impact financial wellness for consumers. 

What’s Next?

We invite you to check out BillGO’s new consumer page. Feel free to look around, kick the tires and let us know what you think.  

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a New Way to Bill Pay™, ask your financial services provider if BillGO powers its bill pay solutions.