If you are a merchant receiving expedited payments through BillGO Exchange, please contact the Exchange Support Team:


If you are a bank bill-pay customer reaching out regarding a check concern, please contact the Payment Inquiry Team:


Looking to reach out to one of our People Ops team members?

Hey there, awesome human! Complete our nifty web form choosing from one of the options within the drop-down menu. Be sure to then include your deets and what's on your mind before you click the snazzy “submit” button. The more details, the better!

Oh, and a little tip: no need to fill out the form again if you don’t hear back from us immediately – otherwise it might slow down the fun! We promise to get back to you within 2-3 business days. We're on it and appreciate your patience. Cheers to teamwork!

You may also give us a jingle at 970-233-3390, but you will likely get our voicemail as we are busy making magic happen on behalf of our employees. However, if you leave us a voicemail, we promise to get back with you in that same 2-3 business day time frame.

Lastly, if no one told you this today, you’re amazing and we hope you have a spectacular day!

Need a verification of employment on a current or past employee?

Alrighty, fun-seekers! If you want us to work our magic on your requests (whether you're submitting the nifty web form or giving us a jingle), here's what we need:

  • Employee's full name and dates of employment
  • A signed and dated Borrower’s/Employee’s Authorization to Release info. Digitally signed is just fine – just make sure it's recently dated, preferably within the last three months. It is so easy to attach it within the nifty form.
  • Your full contact info. Let's make sure we can reach out and high-five you when we're done! We prefer email and a phone number at the very least.
Need a quick re-verification?

No problem, we love this game! As long as we've got the Borrower’s/Employee’s Authorization on file, you're golden. Just remember, this express re-verification deal lasts for three months, then it's back to the full verification request hustle. We're like your personal rapid response team, aiming to get back to you within one business day. Let the games begin!

If you have questions or concerns related to BillGO MT, Inc. please call:  +1 (888) 535-5205

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