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Despite Challenges, BillGO’s 2020 Growth Confirms Need for Improved Bill Pay

Despite Challenges, BillGO’s 2020 Growth Confirms Need for Improved Bill Pay

When BillGO was recently named a top Colorado employer, it was only the latest milestone in a 12-month stretch marked by unprecedented growth and accolades against the backdrop of 2020.

“We are really humbled by the success we’ve had in the last year, especially in light of the difficulty so many endured in 2020,” says Dan Holt, CEO. “But it inspires us to continue on our mission to promote financial well-being for everyone.”

To make good on that mission, BillGO onboarded more than 100 new employees in 2020, including software engineers, cloud engineers, integrations engineers, analysts, business executives and support staff, more than doubling the previous year’s headcount.

This expansion was necessary to meet the demands that followed BillGO entering into collaborative relationships with key industry players and leading financial services organizations, such as BillGO’s strategic partnership with Huntington to bring next-generation bill payment to the bank’s consumer and business customers.

What Our Expansion Means for the Future of Bill Pay

“Our growth has provided us with opportunities to take a more focused, deep-dive approach in specific areas that are high-impact for our customers,” says Mike Pinto, EVP Enterprise Alliances & Product. “The result is a better bill management and payment experience for end users, which brings real value for the financial institutions, fintechs and billers that rely on our platform. And that is ultimately why we’re here.”  

BillGO’s growth was also the result of tireless collaboration with organizations that rely on our platform to deploy best-in-class bill pay experiences with speed and at scale.  

“Together with our clients we have worked relentlessly toward a common goal: to provide a seamless user experience that provides speed, choice and intelligence when paying billers,” says Sara Sisenwein, SVP Client Relations.

“Each and every one of our clients is motivated and excited to bring a new way to bill pay to the forefront of their user experience,” says Sisenwein. “2020 brought that challenge to a head and we’ve made great strides together, working to develop and improve user experiences with this goal in mind. We are especially excited for 2021 to see the new way to bill pay expand to millions more users and watch them take hold.”

Why Top Payment Experts Brought Their Talents to BillGO

Where some fintechs slowed down in 2020, BillGO was laser-focused on building a world-class team to accelerate a bill pay revolution. The many new BillGOans who joined the team represent some of the best and brightest minds in the payments space, including some of the most experienced professionals in the industry.

John Brady was one such addition. A recognized leader in banking and payments technology, Brady spent 20 years at FIS—where he held such positions as VP of Corporate Development, SVP of International Product Development and SVP/CTO of US Division—and 15 years at USAA as the Chief Architect and most recently VP of Platform Management/Enterprise Payment Platform.

Why did Brady choose BillGO? Simply put: BillGO is the place to be for anyone serious about changing the industry.

“I was becoming frustrated with competitors in this space for not making any major investments in the bill pay experience and was convinced that BillGO had hit on the right model,” says Brady. “I’ve been involved in several efforts throughout my career that have changed the industry—developing some of the core accounting systems that now run in many of the largest banks in the world, launching one of the first implementations of Apple Pay, instrumenting one of the initial launches of Zelle P2P—and I believe BillGO is on the verge of changing the industry yet again. I want to do what I can to contribute to this industry wide change.”


Holly Gregory was another key addition in 2020 that increased BillGO’s bill pay brain power.

Before joining BillGO, Gregory spent more than 30 years in the financial services industry, including relationship and product management positions at MasterCard and Cardtronics—the world’s largest off-premises ATM deployer—and most recently serving as Director of Strategic Accounts at Fiserv, where she managed their largest relationships in the bill payment space.

Gregory, like Brady and so many others, recognized the limitless potential of BillGO to completely revolutionize the bill payment space.

“BillGO is the most exciting place to be right now,” says Gregory. “We are doing things that many other competitors have only thought about doing, or only have on their roadmap. BillGO has a truly differentiated offering that is turning bill pay on its head. It also has some of the finest people in the industry working together to revolutionize bill pay, and the culture is unlike anything I’ve experienced before. Everyone here is committed to innovating past what currently exists to bring better bill pay to everyone. I’m proud to be a part of this amazing team.”

BillGO-Quote-Graphic_ Holly.jpg

Gregory’s mention of “culture” is not without reason. Holt and other executives have worked hard to create a workplace environment and company culture that is second to none. Not only have these efforts been recognized by leading outlets such as American Banker, which named BillGO as one of the “Top Fintechs to Work For” in 2020, but they have also helped attract top talent to join the bill pay revolution happening at BillGO.

For some, like Allie Bast—who has been designing, creating, deploying and managing leading payment platforms on both the Acquiring and Commercial side for close to a decade—the opportunity to join a people-oriented, culture-obsessed, results-driven organization was too good to pass up, even if it meant moving across the country to do so.

“This was one of the easiest decisions I’ve made in my career,” says Bast. “I picked up and moved from Georgia to Fort Collins in three weeks when the opportunity presented itself. I have never found a company with such an amazing people-first culture and so many incredibly talented employees. The leadership team is so in tune with what’s going on and everyone has an undeniable drive to improve each day. BillGO is one of a kind, and I couldn’t be happier with my new professional home!”

BillGO-Quote-Graphic_ Allie.jpg

BillGO is Hiring!

If you want to be a part of the bill pay revolution and join one of the best places to work in fintech, BillGO wants to speak with you. We are on a mission to bring better, faster bill pay to everyone, and we want you to join us.

Check out our careers page to explore current openings, follow us on LinkedIn for hiring updates and announcements and view us on Glassdoor to read what other employees say about working at BillGO.

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