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BillGO’s Bill Pay Relief Hub Earns Top Honors

BillGO’s Bill Pay Relief Hub Earns Top Honors

BillGO’s COVID-19 Pay Relief Hub, launched last spring as the pandemic triggered a global economic downturn, was recently recognized for its ability to connect consumers and businesses in need of financial relief to financial institutions (FIs) and organizations that could provide help.

FinTech Futures, a leading financial tech news source, selected BillGO’s COVID-19 Bill Pay Relief Hub as one of the financial services industry’s top COVID-19 responses for the year.

“We created the Bill Pay Relief Hub to connect consumers impacted by COVID-19 with billers and financial institutions that are providing relief during these challenging times,” said Mary Anne Keegan, BillGO’s Chief Marketing Officer. “We didn’t expect any accolades or recognition when we launched it, but of course we are honored to be recognized by our peers in the industry.”

When BillGO introduced the Hub last April, businesses large and small were shuttering their doors and laying off staffers. FIs and billers responded quickly to the growing economic crisis by offering deferred payments, loan forbearance, waived fees, suspended service disconnections, and other payment assistance options to those hit hardest by the pandemic.

The challenge consumers and business owners faced - especially in the early months of COVID-19 - was being able to quickly connect people to the tools, resources, and information they desperately needed to alleviate their financial hardship. BillGO recognized there was a need for a Bill Pay Relief Hub to bring consumers, businesses, and FIs offering payment relief.

The program’s goal remains the same: to leverage crowdsourced information and invite banks, credit card issuers, mortgage providers, insurance carriers, telecom companies, utilities providers, and others to come together and share information about relief measures for consumers.

By enabling consumers to find organizations offering relief measures in their states in real-time, BillGO was able to help people in need to the get the information they need quickly..  

Want to Help?

BillGO is proud to offer a useful resource at a time when millions of Americans are still facing financial hardship in the wake of COVID-19.

If your organization is offering payment assistance measures, or if you know of any companies in your area that are providing relief, we invite you to self-report by clicking “Add Company” on the Bill Pay Relief Hub and filling out the short form. It only takes a few minutes, but the potential impact is immeasurable for those currently experiencing financial hardship.

If you’re a consumer or business facing economic hardship due to COVID-19, we invite you to explore the Bill Pay Relief Hub to find payment assistance today.

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