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Momentum Makers: Driving Greater Workflow and Cashflow Efficiencies

Momentum Makers: Driving Greater Workflow and Cashflow Efficiencies

Working in accounts receivable for the small family-owned and operated office solutions provider Copy Fax, Julie McGreevy oversees the payments and collections for over 6,000 local businesses in the state of Virginia no small feat, but one that's become exponentially easier since she started working with BillGO. Here Julie shares how being able to do her job better leads to greater cashflow efficiencies for the company. 


"I love BillGO, you guys are way better than any other company I deal with. I will be recommending this option to my customers."


What are your primary job responsibilities?

Half my day is spent entering payments, both check and credit. I also work on accounts payable and collections.


How did you start working with the BillGO Exchange? 

One of our customers started using BillGO. Before working with BillGO, she was relying on paper checks from her bank, and her checks were super-late. Once she started working with BillGO, she submitted a payment and the next day I received it. Once she started using BillGO, everything was perfect.


How does the BillGO Exchange help you do your job better? 

Keeping track of payments and keeping track of collections is the hardest part of my job. That's why I love the BillGO Exchange portal. It's so easy! 

With other companies with which I've worked, they will send me an email that we're going to get paid. But they don't say when. BillGO is different. 

With BillGO, I get a notification, I go into the BillGO Exchange portal and I process the payment.


What sets the BillGO Exchange apart from similar companies?

I don't have any portal access with any other company that sends payments to us. With the BillGO Exchange portal, everything I need is in one place. I can see all the payments in there and keep track of everything. I can always look back and see every payment and make sure I don't miss anything. If I need a record, I just print it out and go! 

If there is a problem with a payment, like if I have to do a refund, in some cases it can take weeks. But BillGO just takes care of it immediately. 

Once when I had a problem, I simply went into the BillGO Exchange portal to find out what I needed to do. I got an email back immediately saying I didn't need to do anything. The email communications are super-helpful and very quick. 


How has working with BillGO made a positive impact on your company?

The immediate payments keep our accounts current, which gives us greater cashflow. 

Sometimes you have customers that pay an invoice and forget to include taxes. When we notify them of this and they resubmit payment for the taxes, BillGO gets those payments to us immediately we have that complete payment the next day. Any other company would take days even weeks before I see that money. 

Sometimes we have a customer that pays short, so I have to go back to collect money from them again. It can be as little as $2.58 and the next day I get it. The other companies I work with don't seem to do this. 

There's nothing that I don't like about the BillGO Exchange. The whole set up is great. It's been really good for me.  


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